Adjust Image is setting Gamma value to 3.000

Hallo Pros,

i have an issue with lightburn.
I want to set the Gamma Value to 1.250 but lightburn is switching it to 3.000.
But not everytime. when i set it to 0.900 it works fine.
in Preview the pivture is allways too dark (gamma 3.000)

How can i fix this or can you?

Version 0.9.23

Thanks and have a good time

Have you tried right clicking your image in LB and using ‘image adjust’? much easier.

Adjust image… :crazy_face:

This is fixed already in the next release.

Thanks, good news!

now waiting for the next Version.

I did not realize someone had already mentioned this and I posted about this too.

And found another similar behavior: each subsequent open of the Adjust Image window results in a drop of enhance radius value by 1.

Thank you. I replied to that post. I have confirmed this and reported to the team for investigation. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I’m correcting the off-by-one radius thing now.

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