Adobe Illustrator Mask Not Recognized In Light Burn

I’m a graphic artist and work in Adobe AI, PS etc… My workflow is saving out PDF files with images and vector art. LB doesn’t seem to like PDF files with mask on images. When I import them into LB they get really screwed up. The images are Negative and the Mask are gone. What are some ways I can get my PDF files to work? Saving / Exporting out differently?

I would really like to stay with making my files in AI, I just need to know the best way to get them to LB.


Has anyone ever had this issue?

I don’t play with Illustrator that often, but as I understand, the Adobe Illustrator Mask (along with other graphic editing tool) is a nondestructive action, so all the art is technically still there. This can cause issues when importing into LightBurn, no matter the file format. In AI, ‘Bake’ (or it might be called clip?) the masking into your project prior to export, that should retain the desired resulting image as designed. :slight_smile:

Please update us with how you progress.

Thanks, I’ll try to flatten the image and save out as a PDF

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