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I have just downloaded Lightburn and the Illustrator files I am importing are not coming in correctly. Where there should be fill in the part it is just a wireframe image. This part is what needs to be engraved so it needs to be filled. What do I need to do to correct this problem?



You only need to worry about line colors. Line thicknesses don’t make a difference either. Change your view settings in LB to Filled / Course from the Window menu.

LightBurn works with outlines only, and uses colors to denote the different operations (fill, line, etc). If you have filled shapes in AI, make them a different color than outlines, and when imported into LightBurn they’ll be on different layers.

Sorry. Let me explain better. If you look at the attached image the fill on the oval and the lettering “TRI-STATE METALS, INC.” is not imported like the attachment. It comes in as a wireframe with no fill in the oval field or the lettering. This is what I need to engrave. I could not attach the Illustrator file because it would not allow that type of file. I had to convert it to a jpeg so it would give you a better visualization. Let me know and thanks for your help.


We understand what you are describing. Below I am showing both an image and a vector version of your art.

I have set the vector artwork on a layer set to ‘Fill’ and am showing the results in the ‘Preview’ window.

Edit: Here is a post which explains the LightBurn behavior in detail.

I think I got it now. Thanks for the help!


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