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I met with the Lightburn team back at Bay Area Maker Faire and we discussed upgrading my TL-410C controller with a RuiDa bases system. This was so that I could use the Lightburn software of course. I am now at a point that I really need to upgrade my controller. I have this cutter Mophorn Laser Cutter 130W CO2 Laser Engraver 55x35 it has a MYJG150W laser power supply and the TL410C controller. What recommendations would you give me on upgrades? I am all ears. Please!

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Alex Cunningham

The TL-410C should actually work with the most recent release of LightBurn. Not all features are supported yet, but we have a 403c here that we’ve made good progress with, so if you can hold on a little longer you might not have to do the switch. Download the 0.9.06 release and try it.

I would like to upgrade my controller to better interface with the Lightburn software plus I need to replace my controller keypad anyways because the screen died on it. I am comfortable with rewiring and long as there is a straight forward wiring diagram. :slight_smile:

In that case, the Ruida 6445G is really nice - large screen, same functionality and price as the 6442G (about $350).

And that will work with my 2DM542-06 stepper drivers? or should I replace those as well? I want the best possible control over my cutter. It is a large cutter and jitters easily.

If they’re standard step / direction drivers, it should yes. I don’t recognize the model, but I can’t see that being much of an issue.

I went with the

Cloudray Ruida CO2 Laser DSP Controller RD RDC6442G for CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

from Amazon next day is so nice!!!

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The stepper drivers are working but are not calibrated properly for the new controller. Any advice? These are the drivers I have

This might help:

In Edit > Machine Settings under the X axis and Y axis settings is a step-length value that you’ll likely need to change.

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