How are steps calibrated?

That’s fairly easy, though it depends on whether your controller uses “step size” or “steps per mm”. They’re used for the same thing, but the calculation is a little different.

80 steps per mm is 1/80mm per step.

If you tell the machine to make a cut that is 100mm across, but it comes out to 150mm, your ratio is 150/100, or 1.5.

You would divide your steps/mm by that number, or multiply your step length by that number, to get the correct answer.

So, if your machine used 80 steps/mm, you would divide by 1.5 to get 53.3333 steps per mm. If your machine used a step length of 0.0125mm, you would multiply that by 1.5 to get 0.01875mm per step.

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