How are steps calibrated?

How are steps calibrated?

Please provide a bit more information about your setup and re-phrase your question.

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I want to cut a rectangle on wood Size 100mm * 100 mm but the output 200 mm * 150 mm What is the calibration step to get the size 100%
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That’s fairly easy, though it depends on whether your controller uses “step size” or “steps per mm”. They’re used for the same thing, but the calculation is a little different.

80 steps per mm is 1/80mm per step.

If you tell the machine to make a cut that is 100mm across, but it comes out to 150mm, your ratio is 150/100, or 1.5.

You would divide your steps/mm by that number, or multiply your step length by that number, to get the correct answer.

So, if your machine used 80 steps/mm, you would divide by 1.5 to get 53.3333 steps per mm. If your machine used a step length of 0.0125mm, you would multiply that by 1.5 to get 0.01875mm per step.

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Your controller is not configured correctly - in one axis it is 2x the actual steps/mm, in the other axis it is 1.5x

What controller are you using and what did you do to configure it?

You typically don’t configure your controller using your Lightburn - you configure it and refine it when installing it, then you connect the correctly-configured machine to Lightburn.

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Thank you for the useful information :kissing_heart:

Hi there Im having some troubles calibrating my steps, Im very new to this, I have alot to learn.
Im using the 60 watt co2 ebay laser (red and black) with a freshly installed Rudia controller. A friend of mine who has the exact same machine sent me his machine specs from RD works to enter but we must have slightly different gearing. When I do my 100mm test cuts my Y axis measures up at 96 mm and my X axis measures up to 102 mm

So basically I need some advice on how do I work out my steps per mm so I can apply the above instructions to get 100% accuracy

My post above (here: How are steps calibrated?) walks you through it. You just take the numbers you have and multiply by the ratio of what you asked for vs what you got.