After laser wood treatment?

After cutting out and engraving designs In Baltic birch, I usually soak them for a couple hours in white vinegar. I then rinse them off with soapy water and a sponge or soft bristle brush. Finally, I lay them out on a towel to dry. This does a really good job of cleaning off soot and eliminates the burned smell.

I’ve been experimenting more with laser engraved photos and am finally getting some good results. The only issue is they have a strong burned wood smell. Are any of you treating your finished wood photo engravings after completion? If so, does it Mess up your creation in any way?

I posted a link a few days ago about how effective a small Ozone generator was at completely and permanently removing all traces of the burned smell.

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Just note that “small” is a relative term. I ordered a “small” and it’s about the size or 1/4 of a hockey puck and doesn’t do much. I’m sure it would if left in the car or in the K40 for days.

The one I bought is less than 3 inches in diameter, I did not expect much from it. But if you put it in a closed box with a pile of fresh cut parts in less than 10 minutes all the odor is gone.

It is not going to remove all the smells from a room, but in a 1 cubic foot box it is amazing.

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Interesting. Thanks.

I asked a guy from a local fire restoration co. He told me about this product I purchased it from Menards inexpensive. Works great. Wife has sensitive nose, she likes the smell.

My experience with the ozone generator is also good. I bought a 1000mg generator which I have in a large plastic box along with the items I have processed in my K40. A wifi controlled relay gives me remote access with timer function. In the photo, a moned phase simulator I made in MDF, the smelled horrible. After 2 hours in my closed plastic box, the fire smell is gone, the smell is now somewhat reminiscent of cucumbers but certainly not bad. The plastic box is outside and I remove the cover after treatment, for approx. 30-60 minutes. The price for my Ozone Generator is approx. 42 Euro.

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