AI Vector Import To LB 1.1.01 - All vectors are imported as the same color

Hey, I’m trying to import this vector to Lightburn 1.1.01 from the latest Adobe Illustrator, in .ai format.

I’ve divided everything so each color is separate and there isn’t anything behind them. Proof:

They all import as the same color, even though they’re obviously not.

I’m guessing that I’m just doing something wrong. Can you tell me what it is?

Thanks bunches,
The Blake

I’m willing to bet that it should have noticed a difference between RGB(35,35,35) and RGB(209,209,209) though.

Also, I posted a color library for download on the forums here for Illustrator 300 years ago.

Running 1.1.01 I tested an import of colors from an SVG created in Inkscape successfully. Tested the same file converted to a PDF successfully. Perhaps something specific to the AI import path…

Are you able to post the AI file or a test file that shows this behavior?

You’ll have to rename it, obviously. (2.5 MB)

I am having issues with this file as well. Investigating…

Maybe I don’t understand the problem, but I do get 3 different layers from this file. Illustrator 26.0.3. Saved as SVG Basic 1.1, Mac OSX 12.2.1.

@patricr, @Blake was trying to import the AI file directly into LightBurn. However, your test seems to verify that there’s something going on specific to the AI import path since exporting to SVG from AI seems to work around it.

I can confirm that I get the same behavior as @Blake.

LightBurn fully supports CMYK colors, too. :slight_smile:

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Probably Adobe felt the need to mess with the file format again…

Submitted report.

“…felt the need…” Yep, not the first time, but won’t know until Oz can do a deeper dive.

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So I decided to save as SVG to get the layers imported that way. It looks like it’s offsetting one of the layer’s position upon import. Not sure how evident it is, but one of the gray layers is moved out of position compared to the file open in Illustrator. 2 bugs in one thread is me being efficient btw.

EDIT: The offsetting appears evident in Patrick Rose’s screenshot above as well.

I just figured out what I. missed- he imported the .ai file and lost all the layers. At least the job might be useable when exporting as SVG from AI. Then someone can figure out what happened to the .ai file fomat.

Can you post the SVG file exported from AI. Curious if the problem is in the export or in the import.

Importing the AI file into Inkscape then exporting as SVG doesn’t create the same offset so something with how the SVG file was generated is tripping this up.


Yes, exactly. LightBurn imports CMYK and converts the values to RGB for color mapping. You can use CMYK in your files just as easily as RGB.

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This is fixed for the next release - I had never seen grayscale colors in an AI file before, but apparently there are commands for this.

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Offset issue with AI exported SVG file is present when loading in Inkscape so likely an AI export issue.

Sounds like a moot point with Oz’s fix but that’s not comforting.

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