Air Assist information

Ok so i know this Question is asked alot. But i need to ask im in southAfrika and would like to know what is the best way to do a air assist on my Orthur master 2 for cutting wood i need advise and i need a way to link a normal compressor with the proses and what is your thoughts on a fish pond air compressor . So all the help i can get will be appreciated. I don’t have a lot to spend so im on a budget.

Thank irene

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I have a luv 1-3 nozzle so what is my best options for the air asist 3 d printing. I have my 3d printer so i just need som help… on that as well

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make a search for “ortur airassist” in thingiverse


Thank you. I got a air assist part printing it now. It now about information to the compressor and the piping…

for the air compressor i can suggest this or this, with this kit of pipe

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Yes just like that…

Thanks and size i would like to cut

Check this out on takealot: Resun Air Compressor Pump 110L/Min, 120Watt, 0.032Mpa

Will this one be fine for a air assist

So this is printed just need the compressor

the air compressor seems good to me.

Ill order it so i can get my airassis on so i can start cutting my wood i had 3 mm ply wood and do not cut through and i got mdf wood and nothing whats to cut through went through al the video’s on youtube and still no luck.

Hopefully it wil cut through after i add the compressor and piping.

Thanks for the help

how many passes you do to cut 3mm plywood? and what speed and what power?

Some of ttm was 6 and the 8 an then 10

This one was 12passes

well, first thing i notice is that you have 2 problems:

  1. seems to me that you are not focused
  2. if those are circles you also have a belt problem.
    Belts should be tight but not stretched like rubber bands

I have a small compressor in the garage for nail gun & general “move the dust” use. I connected an inexpensive air control ($5 +/-) to my laser. The shop compressor connects to the air control. I’m able to control the air via a nob on the air control. Works great.

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I use a small diaphragm compressor that I bought secondhand off eBay. It’s the sort used for an airbrush. Seems to be perfectly adequate when cutting both plywood and ‘real’ wood.

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the important is that it’s oil free

If you’re cutting lots of wood and thick wood that creates a lot of smoke, a “normal” air compressor may be what you require. I cut 1/8" wood and use a fish tank air supply which works really well. You don’t need much, it’s just to clear the area in front of the laser lens. I had a very small but high pressure air compressor (used for air brush) but it was TOO noisy, and overkill. Fish tank supply is quite inexpensive, $25 CAD.

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I tried a bunch of different air sources on my laser and summarized them at the link below. Basically I found that if you have enough air, you have enough air and adding even more is not going to help you. For my setup it seems around 3 psi is plenty of air, that is with an over the lens air assist with a 2 mm nozzle.
If your nozzle is more leaky you may need more air.

The easiest two different ways I have found to provide a nozzle have been to use a football inflator nozzle mounted in a 3D printed holder or a veterinary needle used on cattle or horses mounted in the same holder hooked up to an aquarium air pump that provides at least 50 liters of air an hour. A metal nozzle has the added bonus in that is capable of directing more air into a precise location then a 3D printed nozzle. Which if printed with anything less then ABS or one of the Nylon amalgamated filaments you will find to be rather porous. I’ve tried a few of the 3D printed nozzles using PLA and PETG and have had them blown apart with the pressure of an aquarium pump.

I went to the local petshop and bought the largest fish tank air pump they had - it works like a bomb on my Aufero Laser1 with ShortFocus Module!

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