Air assist on ortur laser master 2 20 W

good day to everybody how many liter/minute is good for the laser master 2 20w I see that there are many topics about air assist and very different value, but there are a “correct value” of air quantity?



It depends on your piping.

A needle valve uses a lot less air to get high pressure than a piece of brake line.

thanks, but the question was just to determine the kind of pump ok about the valve but the max volume reccomended is?

It depends on your piping.

A needle valve uses a lot less air to get high pressure than a piece of brake line.

I would be interested in this information as well. It looks like Bonjour has his cut and past function stuck. Can anyone give a less useless answer? Looking for ballpark information on pump size. Assume the outlet nozzle is a reasonable size (1/4” or less). Thanks

I could help you, but apparently I only cut and paste and am useless.

I could even tell you what I usually use for customer machines, but again, I’m useless.

Good luck.

Bonjour - I find that people who spend their time providing useless answers on the internet are rarely helpful. Case and point, see above. If you are capable of helping, then why not help Giovanni when he/she ask the question a month ago? What do you think the point of this forum is?

Giovanni - I have not used air assist yet. However, I did find these three links that all recommend a 60 LPM aquarium pump. I hope this is a useFULL starting place. Thanks

  1. Ortur Laser Master 2 Air Assist | John’s Tech Blog
  2. Air Assist for Beginners | Laser Cutting | Maker Freedom
  3. Edit: Only allowed to post two links for some reason…Google “air assist nozzle with g8 by expocnc on demand”

Perhaps you should review my lengthy technical posts delving deep into problems to solve them before you come over all pedantic and wanky?

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You obviously just got here if you think Bo is rarely helpful.

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@Giovanni, apologies. Did you get the information you are looking for?

Thanks to…all at the end I buy a 60 LPM with pipe 6 mm od and after sono test everything works ok probably this is a good combination thanks again!

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