Air Assist - what downside to running it throughout the project

Hi there, I’m new to laser work and Lightburn. Using second hand a LaserMaster 2. I was told to use the air assist when ctting. I can understand why this needs to be used.If I were to leave the air pump running even while burning lines what effect would it have on the outcome? I can’t work outwhat downside its to running it for the whole project.

The air assist serves two purposes: blow the smoke away from the part to reduce discoloration, and to blow the smoke away from the laser lens. That implies leaving it on all the time (for all layers).

Basically it is best left on. As above, but sometimes to much can cause problems with material getting moved. I like to reduce the output for some things and always turn it off when etching images on tiles

I use it on everything except white tile burning.

Thanks Mike.

Thanks for the advice. This is pretty much what i have been doing. I just wasn’t sure whether there was any detrement to running the air all the time.

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