Alarm homing fail and no power supply

Hi guys,Please help me ! I have Ortur laser master 2 ,and i have a problem …I tried everything, resetting and reinstalling from the beginning I checked the cables to be included, but I made the same ejection error, if I remember correctly when I turned it on before it would return to the “zero” point, I just turned it on and that’s it, now it doesn’t react any further to any commands, I checked the cables, everything seems fine. Please help me.Thanks

Make sure the power supply is properly connected, and you’ve pressed and held the power-on button. If the machine homes, it should be ok - is it homing when you power up?

The power is turned on well, and when you hold down the power button it does not return to the zero position.

Make sure the power supply is plugged in and has not failed.

Power supply on and good :frowning:

Probably time to open a support ticket with Ortur: Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System

thanks ,im’ resolved this problem by replacing power adapter :slight_smile:

I am having this exact same issue. I have only had my machine for a week, I cant even get it to fire because it’s giving me this error. Can you please tell me what you had to do to fix your problem?