Alarm lock error - missing file focusdata.txt

Has anyone else come across this alarm lock error where the focusdata.txt file cannot be located?

I installed the latest update 1.2.00 as prompted yesterday 9 July. Ran off some projects with no problem, but when I turned the machine on this morning to run some more off the alarm lock error appeared with the warning the focusdata.txt file could not be found.

Machine: Emblaser Core
System: Windows 10

As a result the laser will now not home. I’ve cleaned the PCB and performed all other troubleshooting issues that I could find in relation to the alarm lock error.

This is the first time this has occurred and seems a bit bizarre that I could run off some projects after an update but then I couldn’t.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you cross-posting this across Topic areas? That’s typically frowned up and can create confusion.

Take a look at this other post. It describes the error as possibly a smoothieware issue related to Emblaser.

Thanks. I was meant to post it here originally. Other post has been removed.

I ended up contacting Darkly support. After following all the troubleshooting advice on their website and more direct troubleshooting from support, it was identified the SD card was slightly dislodged that was causing the alarm lock and failure to home. It was not a software or missing file issue as I had thought. Given that the SD just ‘sits’ in position, it is easily missed if you don’t know what you are looking for - in my instance it was dislodged by less than a mm.

Other issues causing this may also be a corrupted SD card or a damaged FFC.

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