Algo Laser 22 W Alpha Problem - LightBurn

Hello, while introducing the extension kit of my laser through the LightBurn program, I made a mistake and then the machine stopped working and the cyan light side did not react after the beep.

Try this for us

In console type
Press enter
Once done
Press enter

Then home machine again and try engrave

The machine does not turn on and does not connect to lightburn. I can send a video if you want

Could you upload it to youtube or a similar platform and post the link here? yes from here

Are you certain you plugged in both stepper motor cables?
As well as the syncro shaft is it fully tight?

yes all complete. It worked at first, I clicked on the machine seeting section via LightBurn to add the extension kit, and on the screen that opened, I changed the default distance and desired distance sections for the x and y axes, then I said write, and then the problem occurred.

Very strange. As nothing that you did in lightburn - per se - could have caused this issue

I think you nee to get in touch with support will help

ı will sende ticket thanks

DO you have any idea ? They can not answer quickly ı need to work.

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