Alignment trick for home made machines

I made my machine by converting a Geeetech A10 3D printer, so it hasn’t got many of the features found on commercial units. As a beginner I found it difficult to place my material in the exact spot to get the engraving properly aligned, but I have found a way, as I’m a beginner I’m not sure if this recommended or already in general use by others.

How I do it, for example if I was doing a simple plant label. Measure your material, then in lightburn create a rectangle the same size and set the values to 5000 speed 0.1 power, when you select run the laser will show you exactly to position the work, once you place the work run the lowpower script again adjusting the work if required. It obviously works for log cuts too. In this case use the rectangle to align your text and it will be just where you want it.
I hope this helps someone.

Maybe this will help How do I turn on my diode at low power to focus it or frame a job?.

Good luck… Take care :slight_smile:

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Yes I have already done that and it helps, but using my method to illuminate the actual outline of the etch is much more reliable for me. Thank you for the suggestion.

I have this 3d printer, which is my first ever, and was having the same issue with measurements. So thanks for sharing your unusual solution! Will try it