All images are reversed tiny icons

when I opened lightburn all of the icons were very tiny and all of my files are upside down. i reloaded lightburn and i still have the same problem. also it will not recognize my d1 pro 10 watt.

Is this a new problem, or are you a new user of LightBurn?

If you haven’t used the D1 with LightBurn before, XTool has provided setup instructions and a pre-built profile to use, because it often won’t detect automatically. The machine isn’t true GRBL firmware, but “pretends to be”, and not well enough to fool LightBurn most of the time.

There’s two things here.

With the icon size, it could be a LightBurn setting.
Please test this slider in Edit - Settings.

Upside down (or more accurately mirrored) LightBurn files show up when they’re composed on a machine that uses the origin differently.

Did you compose your files on a different laser engraver?
A quick review of this post may help get your artwork back into shape again.

We have an official xTool Support person here. @Anwen has been really helpful answering questions.

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