All my circles ant coming out round they are coming out like a ovel when it engraves

hi for some odd reason all my circles aren’t coming out round even after i selected the shape and enter both the x and the y at the same size its till not coming out round

I had the same problem when I received my new Sculpfun. I solved the problem as follows:

  1. I adjusted the oval bolts in the carriage rollers so that the X and Y carriages ran freely but also had no play. It is a fiddly adjustment that requires a little practice. In my case the Y carriage was binding.

  2. I carefully adjusted the tension in the X and Y drive belts to make the tension equal. The manufacturer suggests making them tight enough that the carriage starts to move when tilting the machine to an angle of 45 degrees. I did this for both the X and Y drive belts.

After doing these two things my problem was solved. But it does require a bit of repetition until you get it just right.

Hope this helps you as well.

Thinking back on the problem now, I wish I had a gauge I could attach to the carriage and measure the force to pull it in the X and Y directions. Then it would be a simple matter to see if the force required to move the carriage was equal in both directions, guaranteeing perfectly round circles. Perhaps I will make such a gauge using a strain transducer and a Raspberry Pico.

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it still not coming out round after the bolts where tinted

Sometimes the answer is ‘slow-down’.

Which model of Ortur and at what speed and power settings?
The units of the speed setting are really important.
Working in mm/min is best for diode lasers.
Please also drag & drop a pic of what you’re seeing into the reply.
Happy to help if I can.

This may help speed up future responses:

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