All my jigs have shifted

All of my jigs have “shifted” by about 1/16” to the right. I’m not sure if this is hardware related or if this can be reset in settings…

What jigs are you referencing, physical jigs or digital jigs in software? Please offer a bit more detail here to help us “see” what you are asking.

If you have a bed that can move side to side or back and forth in the laser cabinet, a 1/16th amount of movement or more is possible. Could this be what you are observing?


If you are referring to physical jigs / holders that you use for indexing jobs, @Allen offered a really good suggestion for such jigs:


I have a 3/4” piece of plywood that sits firmly with zero movement on the bed. I then have 1/2” mdf boards with 1/4” dowels for positioning onto the 3/4” board… each product we make has it’s own 1/2” mdf “jig”. Each jig has custom cut pieces to perfectly align the piece to be engraved. Each item has its own Lightburn file, so we just change the text or graphic as needed, drop in the appropriate mdf jig, load in the material to be engraved, focus and start.
We have engraved literally thousands of items this way. A few days ago everything we engrave, regardless of which jig we use has shifted by about 1/16” of an inch! I checked the 3/4” base, it’s locked in place.
Is it possible that somehow the x/y registration of the laser head has shifted? If so, how do I adjust that?

Do you have an adjustable bed (Z)? Often a motorized bed is facilitated through four cornered lead screws. The tolerances in these parts would easily account for a 16th of an inch movement.

The mechanics of your X and Y axes could also be suspect through belt tension changes.

Your wooden jigs being made of wood… that’s a material subject to expansion and contraction through humidity and temperature variations (very easily this alone could create the discrepancy).

Over time, many variables are subject to change and any one of them individually could account for changes in your jig alignment.

If you find now that consistently every jig is off by that same amount, a solution is to adjust the project file. Select all and within the x or y coordinate value of the project, type in “- .0625” (think minus 1/16”) OR + .0625 and Lightburn will calculate the result.

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