All new French and German translations in v1.5 public beta

Today we released the public beta of LightBurn v1.5 and one major update is that we have almost complete redone the French and German translations.

If you are a French or German speaking user, it would be greatly appreciated if you would install the latest beta (link below) and let us know how the translators did on the update.

There’s also a full change log for v1.5 here:


German user here:

Looks much better than before but some translations could be better like:

  • Bereitschaftslicht
  • Betriebslicht

Technically they are talking about a machine light (like red light or green light) but because this is a port state you should name it like that

Laser Status: Bereit (Laser State : Ready)
Laser Status: Arbeitet (Laser State : Working)


Fasertyp (Fiber Type) should be more like Laserhersteller (Laser manufacturer)

But overall much better. It depends how much you are into lasersystems to find the right words i guess

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Unfortunately, there are some glitches with the German translation. First of all, it translated “line” with “Zeile”, but “Zeile” is a complete line of text. In this case, you want to have “Linie” (geometrical line).

I had not the time to go through everything, but I quickly checked the main window and the mouseover-texts:

2024-01-18 09_09_54-LightBurn - LightBurn 1.5.00
“Linie zeichnen”

2024-01-18 09_10_57-LightBurn - LightBurn 1.5.00
S - Knoten oder Linie glätten
L - Kurve in Linie konvertieren
D - Knoten oder Linie löschen
M - Knoten im (M instead of N) Mittelpunkt einfügen
T - Linie zerschneiden
E - Linie verlängern
A - Ausgewählte Form ausrichten

2024-01-18 09_11_32-LightBurn - LightBurn 1.5.00
I would it call it “Messwerkzeug” (measurement tool) instead of “Ansicht Formmessungen”, that doesn’t make much sense.

2024-01-18 09_12_08-LightBurn - LightBurn 1.5.00
“Boolesche Schnittmenge von zwei Formen”

  • Ausgangspunkt: “Referenzfahrt”
  • Ausgewählte Grafiken ausschneiden - “Nur ausgewählte Grafiken senden” (ausschneiden might be ok, but that means “cut”, if people want to engrave only, they might be confused, that’s why I would suggest “send” here.
  • Auswahlausgangsposition verwenden: “Ausgangsposition der Auswahl verwenden”

2024-01-18 09_14_07-untitled - Sculpfun S10 - LightBurn 1.5.00
First line “Anzeigen einer Liste der von LightBurn unterstützten Geräte” means “List devices supported by LB” but you also see the added / configured devices as well (not just potentially supported devices). I would call it “Geräte hinzufügen / konfigurieren” (add/configure devices). This includes everything.

2024-01-18 09_15_37-untitled - Sculpfun S10 - LightBurn 1.5.00
Auffüllen: Abstand (Auffüllen means fill in terms of filling up something, here it’s talking about the distance between objects

2024-01-18 09_18_06-untitled - Sculpfun S10 - LightBurn 1.5.00
Last column: I would call it “Air Assist”, but that’s just my personal preference :slight_smile:

2024-01-18 09_18_53-untitled - Sculpfun S10 - LightBurn 1.5.00
Gruppenauswahl: “Auswahl gruppieren” (the first one doesn’t suggest an action)

2024-01-18 09_19_09-untitled - Sculpfun S10 - LightBurn 1.5.00
Zeile - Line

2024-01-18 09_21_17-LightBurn - LightBurn 1.5.00
Leerzeichen is the actual empty letter (ascii 32), I think this is meaning space in terms of distance, so I think it should read “Abstand zwischen Zeichen hinzufügen oder entfernen”

That’s all I have so far, this afternoon I can check some more text :wink:


The German translation has become significantly better, there are some interpretive possibilities of technical terms … but not something that discourages the use of Lightburn in German :wink:

It is a bit other with the Danish translation. There’s still some way to go. I would like to offer my collaboration to the Danes (and Lightburn) who work with it.


Feel free to provide examples for the German inconsistencies. I will be sharing all this with the translators.
And only French and German has been done at this point, but Danish will be one of the next.

Adam, is there a chance to get the language file of the German version? It would be easier to check the text itself than going through all UI elements and maybe missing something.

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True in general, but in this case, there are some glitches that will make German folks wonder what the functions would mean. Especially the line - Zeile translation, which is of different meaning and just wrong in this context. :slight_smile:
So I wouldn’t call it realease-ready yet :slight_smile:

@misken I’ve PM’d it to you


Ignorant, English-only speaker, staring slack-jawed in awe.

Thanks for all you do, fellas!


I know good what you mean, I have translated an online shop from German to Danish a few years ago, it was a huge job and I was never 100% completed, although the shop runs fine. The day after I made a page that was OK, I didn’t like my work and had some better translate ideas, or simple and better words …
We used a special online program that time, with shared screen, half original half new version, it was quite advanced.

Below the line, the new LB german translation has become very fine and there will probably always be a discussion about details when just 2 Germans look at the same :wink:


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Hi Adam, glad to share my very first peek to the french version…
This is by no way an in depth plunge in your work, but hope it helps.
Nest Selected
Rotary setup

Selected Nest => Nid sélectionné (unmeaningful and incorrect litteral translation), but I do not understand the use, so no translation to propose.

Padding => Rembourrage (wrong). Should be labelled “Marge”

Rotatry setup => Configuration de la rotative (wrong… a rotative, in French, is a huge newspaper printing machine). Should be replaced by “Configuration du rotateur” or “Configuration de l’unité rotative” which expresses a cylindrical rotating unit


If you PM me the French translations files as well, I can check them. I have some experience in checking translations in open source programs… :slight_smile:

Marc’s feedback is good, already. :+1:

Hello, I am a French user. In “Disposer” Dock should be replaced by Rapprochement

dock = butée, soit mettre en butée contre les cotés du lit

Actually, the original is Nest selected. Implied “selected shapes”, I presume.
I see it actually just sends to SVGNest, an online nesting / packing software.
So the French translation should be “Imbriquer la sélection”, to be consistent with the dialog box terms shown on this operation.

Curiously, the remarks from Mark, above, have been ignored in the official release, alas.

I see also that Warp Selection and Deform Selection have not been translated. Can be “Tordre la sélection” and “Déformer la sélection”.

“Select shapes smaller than selected” should be translated as “Sélectionner les formes plus petites que celles sélectionnées”, ie. keep the same tense than other menu items (rather than Sélectionnez).

“Mirror Across Line” should be translated as “Mettre en miroir selon la ligne” (not “Mettre en miroir la ligne”, which makes no sense).

Dock is kept as is, but can be translated as “Ancrer” (Ancrer à droite, à gauche, en haut, en bas).

It is late, I can make more remarks later, if you think they can be useful…

It takes some time to actually get the translations back even with small updates and they weren’t back in time for this release. We’ll make sure they are in the next.

Thanks for the rest of the feedback. I will provide it to the translators.

Thank you. Reassured about the usage of our feedback, I will continue my investigations, then.

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