Altering size when imported?

Just recently I have noticed that if I import several objects grouped together, they will be increased in size. If I import them individually, they stay the correct size.
Any ideas?

What format are these objects stored in?

They are stored as SVG

Please zip and forward the offending file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, mention this post, and we can have a look. What was used to generate these SVG files or is this a consistent behavior regardless of which application is used to generate the file?

I will try to figure out how to zip it.

I just imported some junk from Inkscape as SVG with an assortment of grouped and ungrouped shapes and it seemed to work fine for me.

You did not answer this. Please do. You may not need to learn how to zip the file after all. :slight_smile: I asked because of this recent issue and am trying to fill out our understandings. Are you also using one of the Affinity products to generate this SVG file by chance?

I create everything in Inkscape.
It was 127mm in Inkscape and when I imported it into lightburn it changed to 189.
I imported one that was 101mm and it stayed the same. Both were created in the same file. 2 different wooden squares. It was 10 pieces so I broke it apart, deleted all but one of them, saved, and imported. The smaller one imported correctly, the other one was too large.
I will try to video it

Could this be the issue you are seeing?

If so, another reference from a different member.

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