(Another) Feature Request: Add Setting For Alternate Default File Extensions Like .gcode


I would also like there to be a feature for saving the files to .GCODE instead of .GC by default.

This was previously requested here: https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com/t/feature-request-add-setting-for-alternate-default-file-extensions-like-gcode/25908

And it looks like the feature request functionality of the forums was removed.



This will be in the next version. It will always remember and default to the last extension you used for any given machine.

:construction_worker_man: We intend this to only be temporary while we adjust our systems for growth. :construction_worker_woman:

We really want and appreciate the feedback and ideas you’all provide. As soon as we have our ‘Feature Request’ site up again, we will make an announcement here on the forum.

Thank you.

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