Any help with running literally anything besides whatever came with it

Long story short I have a Top Direct 300mw laser engraver. Its cheap and fun but I cannot use the program it came with… its awful. I use Lightburn with my k40 with great success, and I was hoping someone here could help me get that running with this machine too.

In LightBurn when go to add a new laser it cannot find the it. I’m not sure how to properly add it manually either

So far what I know is.

its listed as ch340 and while I know that means Arduino I know little else.

A CH340 is only the chip that provides the communication - it doesn’t actually need to be connected to an Arduino. Clone Arduinos use them, but authentic ones use an FTDI chip for the same purpose. That laser most likely uses some custom firmware running it, and that wouldn’t be supported. If there’s a way to re-flash the controller to use GRBL, then you could get LightBurn to work with it.


Okay, so after some toying around I came across something called LaserGRBL and I noticed within it there was this option set. I’m not sure how to proced from here because I know the risks… I also don’t know what the baudrate should be. I can’t seem to find much out there in terms of people with this machine trying to do better with it…

For that to work, you’d need to be sure that all the connected pins for motor steps, directions, limits, and firing the laser itself were all compatible with GRBL’s default pins. That wouldn’t be simple to do just by itself.

I see, I’m well out of my element. I just wished I had some better solution for using this little machine. Thanks for taking time out to explain things.