Anycubic GRBL - LB Software won't Jog Laser

So the software found the laser. Added and it is connected. I heard it play a nice little song. Thought I was good.

Laid out some text. Then tried to jog the laser over to the text area and nothing. Lightburn (free trial) just sits there and comes up with “Not Responding”

Let me know what I am doing wrong … I will keep pluggin along.

When it connects, do you see any output at all in the console? If so, copy & paste it here.

Not real techie sorry. But this is a screenshot.

I want to see the ‘Console’ tab, in behind the ‘Cuts / Layers’ tab. If you don’t see anything in that, you’re not likely connected yet. GRBL-M3 mode is kid of the catch-all for things. Marlin devices can’t be automatically found / configured, so you have to do them manually, and I’d suspect this is a Marlin based unit.

That last one tells me that you aren’t connected properly. It has found something to talk to, but the baud rate is not correct. Go to Edit > Device Settings, and in the lower-right, try changing the Baud Rate value to 250,000 - that’s the most common value for Marlin machines. Then try connecting and post another shot of the console window.

Sorry to be a pest. But thank you for the help

That is very probably a Marlin device. Click the Devices button, double-click your controller, change it to Marlin (and name it accordingly). You’ll probably have to set the size as well, since it looks like you have it set to a 10mm working area.

I’ll do that now. It picked up the 10x10 on its own.

Thank you.

Thank you! You got it to Jog. Now to the next step!

Appreciate it.

Its moving around like it wants engrave the text. Runs through the whole thing. But nothing is coming out of the laser? Its not burning nothing?

This software is nice. And I like the videos.

You’ll have to find out how you’ve connected the laser to the machine - Is it a fan output, or something else? If it’s a fan output, is it tool index zero (the default) or a different one?

It came with it. It just plugs in? Two wires a red/white

Its a combo … does plastic and laser. So you unplug one and then the other.

But I will contact their support. Thank you for your help today. Feels like I did something.

If you can ask them for a GCode sample that fires the laser I can probably get what I need from that.

Okay well they haven’t responded yet. Here is a pic of my little mule…the laser … just chomping at the bit to burn something.

What control actives a “test” run so I can make sure my placement is correct.


The ‘Frame’ buttons do this. How do I turn on my diode at low power to focus it or frame a job?

Got the buttons to come up. But she still won’t fire off. Console says stream was finished in

That’s normal. Does it move and just not fire?

Yes it does.

Then you still need to figure out how to fire the laser, I assume. The joys of Marlin and the extreme configurability means I cannot easily tell you how your laser is connected or what commands would fire it.

With GRBL or Smoothieware, there’s really only one answer because they have dedicated laser functions.