Apply raster mask to vector image, without manual action in LightBurn

Continuation of Proper way to produce 3D shapes on area bound by SVG area

I have an SVG shape and raster image. I know that I can use “apply raster mask to vector image” manually - but how can I generate file that can be opened/imported in LightBurn with this operation already applied?

Is it possible to prepare SVG where such attachment will be interpreted by LightBurn properly?

Is it maybe feasible to generate LightBurn project file?

Why: generated design is a bit complex, and every manual step is step where something may go wrong or be misconfigured and requires instructions to follow. I want to eliminate them whenever possible, even on my own I often mess up such parts.

I’ve added support for clip paths in SVG files. If you create your files as SVGs with a clip-path assigned to the image, the next release of LightBurn should load it.


Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Note to self: V0.9.20 is the current one.

I will need to ask for upgrade at Makerspace computer attached to laser once new version is released.

Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub shows that releases are relatively frequent, but not something daily so I will need to do it manually at least for now.

Our next one is getting pretty close.

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