Apply text to path - not on center of circle

I have created a circle Ø2.3 (locked ratio) at position X=8.0000 & Y=8.0000. Then created the text. After using Apply Text to Path the circle is still at 8.0000 & 8.0000. However, when selecting the text the positions shown are 7.8517 & 8.0107. Shouldn’t the text remain centered about the circle regardless of what the text contains?

Can you include a full screenshot of LightBurn showing this? There could be a few things going depending on circumstances.

Attached are images of the issue. Thank you for your reply.

I think what’s happening is that the geometric center of the combined object does indeed shift with the addition of the text. Note how text is present to the right of the circle? It’s also likely that the height of the text isn’t exactly even on the top and bottom and skewing the geometric center.

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you want the text centred over the line of the circle, or those two lines of text centred over the width of the circle?

If you mean that the text isn’t evenly distributed around the circle, it will be because it has to attach to a node.
Try adding another node to help line it up.

The text is where I want it “above the line”
The problem is that the text is not on the same center as the circle that it was “pathed to” .
The centers of the text are: 7.7546 & 8.0006, while the center of the circle to which the text has been “pathed to” is: X=8.0000 & Y=8.0000.

Looks like the “Apply path to text” is not working unless the text is evenly dispersed about the circle.
I’ll have to play around with the text until it has the same center as the circle.
Another LightBurn function that ALMOST works!

If you haven’t already, here are 2 videos worth review,

Text on Path Tutorial


Bending text in LightBurn

Can you describe what your actual goal is? It seems your original question is tangential to the problem you’re trying to address but does not directly solve for it.

I would like to have the text on the same center as the circle. This way, if I place the circle where I want it,
the text will be on that center as well, not shifted off center. I have different text (with serial numbers) to mark. When the text and serial number are changed the center is changing making a lot of work having to re-center the text for every part. Is there some way to have the text, regardless of it’s content, centered on the circle?

This will depend on your definition of center. For example, if you had a tall letter on the top of the circle and a short letter on the bottom of the circle, what is your expectation for the center?

The way it behaves today, the text is always aligned along the circle. The circle center itself does not change. However, the geometric center of the combined object adjusts because of actual text size and placement.

Or do you mean you want the left and right sides of the texts to be equidistant from the vertical center?

What Tim is asking for sounds pretty reasonable. I can foresee a circumstance where someone might want to do many of these holes and, rather than edit each one by hand, do just one and write a program to extract text from a database and modify the LB file directly. If the text centre wanders about you wouldn’t be able to do that.

Hello and thank you all for your help.
GingerKarma has understood the problem, as the text is edited the center of the text moves relative to the circle it was pathed to. This shifting around makes it difficult to mark varying text in the same location (centered on my part).
In fact using the Path to Text for any text NEVER places the text about the circle center. Try using the Apply Path to Text function you will see, by checking the centers of the circle and then the text, that the centers are different. I never notice this until I made changes to the text that I saw the text was moving off center. So it’s not a problem of changing the text that moves it’s center it was never about center to begin with.
I don’t need a solution as fancy as a data base, just a way to have/keep the text centered about a circle.

Help me understand what I’m missing. I explained what’s happening but based on what you’re saying it sounds like my explanation is somehow inadequate. I’m trying to understand what the discrepancy is.

The purpose of the tool is not necessarily to place text about a center but rather to place text along any path. Because a circle is a path it can place text along the path of a circle.

Can you show something that illustrates what you’re talking about?

I asked some questions in my previous post. Can you clarify what it is you mean by this? I do not see any issue with the text placement around a circle.

Here’s an example:

The reason why the center of the circle itself (shown with the green X) is different than the center of the combined objects (shown with red X) is because the geometric center of the combined text and circle is different than the center of just the girl. However, the text is aligned to path of the circle as expected.

In what way are you expecting this to be different?

I would like to have the text on the same center as the circle and never move regardless of the text. I found out quickly that this is not the case. I visited the forum to see if there was a work around. Looks like there are none. Thank you for the help.

I’m still not following what you mean by this. I think what you might be saying is that you’d like the text to be center aligned vertically no matter the width of the text.

Like this:

Is this what you mean?

Your previous reply answered my question (attached). Any text pathed to a circle has a “geometric” center that differs from the circle is was pathed to. This will not work for my application, I’ll have to find another way to accomplish what I want/need to do. Thank you again for your help.

Can you describe what you’re trying to accomplish? That may be more productive.

By the way, you can refer back to circle centric position if you select only the circle portion of the text and path.

With all due respect if you don’t understand (by now) please stop replying.