ARM version of LightBurn?


Have you considered compiling ARM binaries of Linux version of LightBurn? I’m not sure how many people would be interested, but right now I’m going to use some kind of Raspberry to control GRBL CNC to make it independent of my PC. Of course I can just stream gcode, but since those small raspberry’s can be quite powerful I could imagining running LB directly on it and connect with VNC/Spice to it.
Just something to consider…

LightBurn provides a site for users to vote for new features. You can search to see if this has been requested, vote it up or add it so others can vote their support as well.

Some of the libraries LightBurn uses are not available for rPi, so this is not something that can be done without substantial work. People have asked about it before. You are welcome to post/ vote on the Fider suggestion site Rick linked.

You can also see my responses in this topic for some other ideas:

I stand by this comment:

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If this is the case, I guess it may be not worth to invest time. But it really surpising since Raspian is common Debian, and lack of some libraries would mean they are not opensource and distributed binary.