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I thought that Lightburn included a basic art library? Is that not the case any longer? Is it there but requires more than simply clicking on it?

No, it has always been empty. It is up to you to fill it with content. The name “art library” also does not cover the complete function, I use it more as a component store, for example. Have I first made a screw head once, it wanders in “storage” and is reused again and again …

Thanks. Any good sources for free clip art.?

not really, using my system for more technical matters

Here is a recent post from another member:

Try the Search, found at the top-right of every page. It should return other posts members have provided with some great links and resources. :slight_smile:

Plus, the Goolage is a great tool to find things. Set to your search to images and then line art or Clipart, Black and White, vector and so on to filter to the best matching results you are looking for.

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I copied some image files to a folder then imported them to LB. The file names show up but no icons and I can’t drag them into a project. any ideas? I didn’t see anything called out in settings for the art library, or any notes on it’s window indicating limited image file ablity.

Make sure that your first layer (layer 0) is enabled and set to show - it’s possible that when you imported them that wasn’t the case, which might make the thumbnails empty too (that would be a bug if it’s true).

For free artwork, I’ve found some good ones here, completely free, no royalties:

And these are free for personal use:


The images were all flat files initially. I grabbed some pngs and downloading some vectors today. They didn’t show up the first time I imported them. So I killed everything, did it exactly the same and they showed up the second time. The library could use a little work to allow library deletion without having to use file manager on MAC. I love lightburn. It would be also great to allow a projects library where one could access their projects in lightburn vs again using file open. Perhaps something were they are stored like artwork but with the burn settings attached as well as the original material.

We could simply add the option to the library to have it save settings as well - possibly mark the files as “this one also has settings” somehow, but I’d have to figure out a good way to make that work. It could also just be a different kind of library - so we’d have just “art library” and “project library” types. That could work, but you’d want to be careful to back them up safely if you were going to use them to store everything.

There’s some value in having things separate, in case the file ever get stomped by something. One single file getting messed up only affects that file, but if the table of contents in the library, or one of the record links ever got corrupt, it could mess up the entire thing, and you’d lose most or all of it. That can happen as it is, but I was cautious with how it’s handled, and so far no one has reported any failures, but I’d like to leave it for a bit to make sure that’s the case before I start putting too much faith in it.


Some good points to that thinking for sure. If you had a projects library, that would surely require some backup to a different location. Perhaps it’s fine just as it is.

One thing I noticed is that as I get a few devices of different spec but use gRBL it would be great under devices to actually be able to name the devices so that they are easier to find.

OK, this is a good idea. Try this, click the ‘Devices’ button found in the ‘Laser’ window. Double-click one of the ‘Device Profiles’ you have saved, then advance 2 pages, hitting the ‘Next’ button. You can edit the name there, within reason. :wink: Then, continue until you see ‘Finish’. Hit that to commit the change.

The original name is auto-filled for you, but you’re welcome to change it at creation time, or after, on the page Rick highlights above. This is the site I use as well. Also keep in mind that you can use the trace feature in Lightburn, Illustrator or Inkscape to generate your own Vectors.

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