Art library empty

We could simply add the option to the library to have it save settings as well - possibly mark the files as “this one also has settings” somehow, but I’d have to figure out a good way to make that work. It could also just be a different kind of library - so we’d have just “art library” and “project library” types. That could work, but you’d want to be careful to back them up safely if you were going to use them to store everything.

There’s some value in having things separate, in case the file ever get stomped by something. One single file getting messed up only affects that file, but if the table of contents in the library, or one of the record links ever got corrupt, it could mess up the entire thing, and you’d lose most or all of it. That can happen as it is, but I was cautious with how it’s handled, and so far no one has reported any failures, but I’d like to leave it for a bit to make sure that’s the case before I start putting too much faith in it.