Art Library losing files and noticed I seem to not be running latest version

Running an 80W Monport with Ruida controller using an HP ProBook 650 running Windows 10 Pro. I noticed that one of my Art folders from my library is not showing some of files I put in it. A few weeks before that, I noticed it dropped one of the folders in the library altogether. I just reloaded it but now I am missing individual files/projects from one of the folders. Also I noticed from another discussion that the latest version of Lightburn is 1.6.01 or 02. Mine is showing 1.5.01 and I have not received notices to update in a while. When I try to do an update from light burn it gives me " A network error occurred: TLS initialization failed" or it will say “Checking for Updates” and not proceed past that notification.

I think there was an update problem with your version.
Lightburn will not upgrade “a network error occurred: tls initialization failed” - LightBurn Software Questions / OS Specific - LightBurn Software Forum

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For the missing files issue, are you storing them in a cloud service or on a NAS box?

Desktop file on the computer.

That’s great, would love to know how to correct since I renewed my license at the beginning of the year.

Probably go to website and manually update and then things should work again.

Do you know if I will have to upload each of the subsequent releases or just grab the latest one to get caught up?

Thanks for the help!

Just the latest one, as long as your license is up to date. Each new release is stand-alone and has no dependencies on previous versions.