AtomStack A5 not burning

I am having the same issue. Where do find the Amps? Also right now the console doesn’t list the $s. Not sure what that means. My settings won’t leave a mark on paper but I see the laser working. First timer here.

Also I am getting notes like G1X3.1. What does this indicate?

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Atomstack 5, I am in the trial run for LightBurn and all indications is that this is the lastest version. I am using a new Mac. The system runs meaning that the I can see the laser but it does not leave any marks even on a piece of paper. I don’t know how to set the AMPs and not sure of how to set the distance between my project and the bottom of the laser. It is a GRBL 1.1

Paper (if it’s white) is surprisingly difficult to cut with a diode laser, because the white reflects nearly all of the energy from the diode. Make sure you’re in focus, and you’ll probably need to go slow and with a lot of power to leave a decent mark. I would recommend trying something darker, like cardboard, to start with.

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Here’s a video on how to focus the laser on an AtomStack A5 & A5 Pro

$30 is the number in the console info that I’m often suspicious of.
Please Copy and Paste your Console info here in a reply. I’d be happy to look at it.

You can compare that to the value for S in Device Settings.
Click ‘Edit’ in the top bar and wheel on down to Device Settings.

Amps is kinda tricky in this case because the Laser Diode supply is supposed to be constant current and pulse width controlled - this is college level intro robotics and not terribly likely to be related to what’s going on.

the final common pitfall is the Speed people use. There is a fair difference between MPH and feet per second. You’ll want to make sure that you’re working in mm/min on a diode laser. You can set that in Settings. Select Edit in the top bar and then wheel down to the meshed gear Icon and open that window.

Let me know what you’re seeing.

Good insight. Thank you!

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