AtomStack MR20 MOPA laser

Is there anyone else using the MR20 fiber laser? I have mine up and running. Lightburn doesn’t have a autodetecting “find my laser” working just yet. I’m curious if there’s going to be laser frequency settings in future software releases. So for the beam size seems to be incredibly small, when I look at marking under the microscope, I can see that dots of beam spots are easily visible even at 0.001" interval line spacing when photomarking. I bought the X20 pro unit first, but upgraded the laser unit with the MR20. easy enough. The orange colored laser filter on the flexable case will have to be replaced with 1064nm IR filter, as this power from the operation is firstly invisible and quite powerful… Hope to hear from other users of this beast.

I’ve looked at it, but cost is pretty high with no user reviews. I’d be very interested in hearing (and seeing) more.

The advertisement states

Q-switched (photoelectric switch) and MOPA construction

These are two different animals, mutually exclusive as far as I know… :thinking:

Spot Size: 0.03*0.06mm
Peak Power: 7kW

You should be happy to know you have a 7kW laser :crazy_face:

I’d think this would be here now, as it also states that you can adjust laser power and adjust pulse frequency

With a MOPA you can also adjust pulse duration.

A great video from Laser Everything explains interval and how you can do great work with any laser… They do it on a fiber.
Bonus for you :slight_smile:

Might want to check out some of @Bulldog work with photographs… great and done with a fiber…

NWT method…

That’s great, a really neat machine, I hope you tell us more about it as you move forward… I’ve had my eye on these. I like the LaserPecker 4, but it was a bit lame in many areas. It was also a yag q-switch type.

Good luck, thanks for posting…


I have been using the MR20 fiber laser for a few weeks. I too am able to notice the lines even at very small intervals. I think at some point, the stepper motors aren’t going to be able to have that fine of movement.

Their documentation gives a +/- 2mm range on the focal point, so what I do is raise the laser to the edge of that range and also use the cross-hatch setting to get better results.

Thus far, I am pleasantly surprised with it’s operation, considering the next lowest priced fiber laser I’ve seen is around $4k.

I have this just finished setting it up and found the same.
also, my screen is totally blank

What do you mean?


The little screeny thing, sticks to the front.
Nothing happens.

If you mean the 4.5" screen on the controller, then maybe you have a faulty controller.

I would think it do something… Does it just plug in or is it internally wired?

Notice an HDMI output on it… doesn’t it need to have a cable?

I don’t have one…


Just a standard HDMI cable. It’s really only useful for those who wish to run offline I put an extended cable on mine so I could sit it outside the enclosure to monitor/change engraving modes before I learned how to switch them with gcode. Now I don’t use it at all.

Can pick a frequency ?

I think it takes a mopa type to set the q-pulse width…


I don’t have the 1064 module, but reading the user manual, it seems the freq. is only manually adjustable with a dial on the source housing, It has a 2-digit numerical display and says it’s adjustable from 30-60 khz. It doesn’t mention adjustment resolution/granularity. Suggested parameters are all listed at 30 khz.

Focus (and framing) is achieved via two converging visible red laser pointers. When two dots become one, it’s focused…supposedly. Listed focal distance is 94mm ± 1mm from workpiece surface to laser head surface.

The two red laser dots are a joke. I don’t know if they align them at the factory, but mine were nowhere near the focal point. I thought something was wrong with the laser module because nothing was happening. When I started adjusting the distance is when I realized how bad they were. I was able to adjust them to get it close, but I made a tool similar to what they use on the diode lasers to set the laser height.

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That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I swear we would be further ahead if they just gave us a big box of unidentified parts with no instructions.

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Hello. I also bought myself an MR20 laser module and an E85 kit, but I have problems connecting them together. Can you tell me how to combine them? thank you

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