Atomstack S10 Pro X7 Pro settings

Hi, the lightburn “find machine” is not working with this machine so I just directed it to the com port and grbl 410x400.

I have no idea what other settings I should be using and support is not really helping much.

I believe the S10 and X7 are the same, they have the same laser and are visually pretty much the same but I can’t find details on any differences anywhere.

What is a good speed range for this machine? Lightburn defaults to 100mm/s


I should add that quite a few AtomStack users, myself included, just skipped the directions.

Because it’s a constant influx of people asking the exact same thing 10 times or more per day.

Start here and get comfy with your machine.

Once you have more specific questions, most people are quite helpful.

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I had the same problem.
The AS a5 was found by lightburn. When i gott my x7… It found it as my old a5. I really like the atom stack build however I feel that they perhaps rushed to production. The fact that the controller cannot identify itself. But there’s various other reasons also.

From what I understand lightburn get settings from the little computer on top of the diode laser.

I just like you although Adam stack was helpful they kind of just scratched her head at the situation. When I ask for drivers they didn’t quite understand what I was asking for. Apparently the only drivers that are needed are for an apple computer. The gerbil software that’s where your driver comes from.

I’m pretty sure AtomStack used the CH340 chip for their USB stuff.

It’s really hard to google CH340 if you’re not looking for precisely those 5 characters.

Hi, to clarify, I was able to get the machine to connect manually using the driver in lasergrbl and lightburn does connect manually.

I set the dimensions manually to 410x400 and verified the smax matched firmware which was 1000.

I guess what I am looking for is if anyone has any suggestions on mm/s and the laser intensity.
Perhaps I had higher expectations for this machine but so far on some approx 5mm hardwood plywood board (unknown species) even at 11mm/s and 100% its barely cutting into it. I did 40 passes and it was finally showing at least a cut on the back side. Is that normal for a 10w diode laser?

I have some other wood scraps I am going to use one of the test grids on so perhaps I just need some softer wood.

Anyway if anyone has more experience with this machine any tips would be great. thanks.

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Hi, I lowered to 3mm/s and 11 passes and got my first clean cut today using line mode. Hope that helps anyone else getting started.

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Pfeww… I remember them days. 11 cuts.

Glad you got it fixed.

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