Aviation blimp display

Being in aviation for 35 years and now retired. I came across this file on line and had to make it.
It is made out of 3mm birch and is just a static display.
I have been working on it for about a month on and off.
Thanks for looking.
Rudy in Florida.


That’s great work. How about making one large enough so the Furby that’s on the shelf in the background can be to scale and piloting the air craft? :blush:

That is just amazing!

That’s amazing work! Where would one find the plans/cut sheet for this airship? It looks more like a dirigible than a blimp. I’m not sure my laser bed is large enough, but maybe a scaled-down version would fit.

All beds are equal in the eyes of Print and Cut :slight_smile:

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Oh, the humanity!

Thanks all I thought about scaling up to 6mm this time.
Might have to leave wife’s car outside.

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that is awesome where did you get the file?

I found them on etsy but for some reason it was taken down. When I get back to Florida end of November I will make sure I post them. I already converted them over from corel. I am up in pa. Restoring a 120 yr. Old house.