AWC708c Lite Power Scale

I have tried making a power scale following the guides, but everything is cutting at max power. Does Power Scale work with the AWC708c Lite? I tried searching and couldn’t find anything difinitive.

Are you running cuts or fills? It’s supported for fills, but I haven’t found a command yet for overriding power for just lines. I’ve logged a bug in our tracker and will check with Trocen to see if there’s a command for this.

It was only with cuts. I didn’t try fills because it got super late, but I will do it when I get home from work.

Also, just to make sure I’m doing it correctly, I can send it from Lightburn then start it on the controller. Or do I need to start it from Lightburn directly?

Either one works. I have sent a message to the Trocen protocol engineer to see if they have a command to change cutting power for vectors within a layer.

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