Bad, not good vibrations

\After I frame the text i want to etch, the laser moves about an inch and then just stops and vibrates while the laser burns in one spot. What’s going on?

Hi, I have no clue as to the type of machine you have or any useful info like that. However I can tell you that I had an identical issue and it was cause by a failed limit switch. I’m unsure how exactly it cause the behavior. I accidentally figure it out by disconnecting everything not essential for the machine to work. Then my machine worked just fine.

Anyway perhaps it’s being cause by interference through something connected to your logic board.
If this is the issue hopefully you haven’t been racking your brain to hard, it took me three days and hours of trial and error before I got it to work. The forum had answers but not for that particular issue and in the end it was up to me. The advise was greatly appreciated though.

Also if you could provide your machine details, it could prove vital to finding you a solution.

Thanks for your response. I have an Atomstack laser machine.

Now to my newbie questions. What is a limit switch and how do I find it?

I personally don’t know anything about that machine. A limit switch is usually a momentary switch that prevents the gantry from moving too far. So say the x axis is moving there might be a switch on one side or both of the gantry so that if the cart moving the laser touches one of those switches it tells the system to stop so you don’t break anything.

I’d recommend also getting in contact with Atomstack and asking them to see if they can assist you. Who knows maybe it’s a common problem they already have a fix for.

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I do not think your system has limit switches. These are switches mounter to the rails that, when bumped, tell the motion control system you have hit the “limit” of travel in a given direction.

I would like to suggest you go back through the initial setup in the documentation for review as I believe this may not have been completed correctly. Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Let us know after checking, and we can go from there. To help you help us, here is a post about what we need to know to offer the fastest, most accurate answers possible. :slight_smile:

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