Bars on image in threshold mode

Image gains a bar on left/bottom depending on DPI
if in Treshold mode. Not present on dither
Not present on source image (inspected in photoshop)
0.1dpi moves bar to bottom
0.08dpi moves bar to left

@OrturTech please send me the lbproj file.

Didnt happen on 9.0.16
(reporting from customer)

attached 2 tresholds with different dpi
(wanted to send 4 but wont let me)
Mind you image has no transparencys
ortur_treshold.lbrn (3.4 MB)

Yep, can confirm on my end. That sure is a weird one. @LightBurn did do some changes to the rasterization in this release I believe - @LightBurn do you have any thoughts here?

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Thank you!

Looking into it now…

Is fixed and will be patched shortly.

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Customers should redownload? or this will be applied to future 9.0.18?
Not sure how it usually works

We have done patches before, but it just confuses people. “… I already have that version - why is it telling me to download again!?” We’ll put out another release.

Right thats what i was wondering
Will inform those that reported.
Thank you

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