Basic LightBurn / GRBL questions

Sorry to hijack your thread. Im using the same machine on 1.1f . I have enabled laser mode, Do we control laser power from the “Cuts” tab, or is it through the S-value?

right now i have settings as $32=1, $30=1000

I have changed it in the cut tab, and it seems that no changes are made while in laser mode. Another question, anyway to make this machine slightly faster when laser engraving?

You control power through the Cuts entries. The S-value is the total available range.

Not sure what you mean by “I have changed it in the cut tab and not changes are made while in laser mode” - Do you mean you aren’t seeing a beam, or it’s not firing with any power?

For 3018’s, the only way to make them faster is to increase the allowed speed in the firmware settings ($110 and $111), but because of their very high micro-stepping rate (usually 1600 or 800) they’re limited by the 8 bit controller.

8-bit GRBL can only send step pulses at a maximum of 30,000/sec. If you have 1600 steps/mm, that means a max of 18.75 mm/sec (1125 mm/min). If the steps are at 800 steps/mm, you can get up to 37.5mm/sec (2250 mm/min). You would need to reduce the micro step settings on the step drivers to go any faster.

Whoa, thank you for the fast reply. I figured the laser power. Thanks.

Both $100 and $111 are 1000.000

So i can change them both to 1600.000? For the highest speed this machine can take, correct?

If $100 and $101 are 800 (steps per mm) then you can use 2250.
If $100 / $101 are 1600, then you can use 1125.

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Ok thank you. To clarify, changes have to be made on $100 and $101?

Both are 800 for me

No - those are the step sizes for your machine. If you change those, things will be the wrong scale.

Read again:

  • If $100 and $101 are 800 (steps per mm) then you can use 2250 as your maximum speed.
  • If $100 / $101 are 1600, then you can use 1125.

Since your $100 / $101 settings are 800, you can use the 2250 maximum speed.

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