Beam not level?

My gantry measures square, but when I do a beam alignment test with the gantry far left, midway and far right the burn is off…
Left - is hitting center of 3rd mirror - like I would expect
Mid - is striking 1.5mm lower than Left
Right - is striking 4mm lower than Left
This is consistent front to back (Y axis).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Start at the back.

Put a post-it note on your first two mirrors. fire the laser. The hole should be dead-centre. (don’t worry about the output hole, laser go in, laser go out :slight_smile: )

Check the level between 1 & 2, adjust as necessary. the beam should have pierced the note on M2 in the centre. First, adjust M1, then, when the beam is dead centre. on M2, you can check M3 - same deal.

Always work from the laser to the lens, and do each ‘leg’ on it’s own and you’ll be fine.

Thanks. I have not had to align them up to now. I will do as you say and hope that is it. Thank you again.

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