Beginner question looking at a 8 mp camera

I have a red and blk chinese laser. 700x500 mm bed. You have only 8 mp cameras 110 degree and 95 degree. Which would be best for my machine. will mount on lid

It depends on the height you plan to mount it. For your bed size, these are the minimum mounting heights for every camera we sell:


How high is the mounting point above the bed of the laser?

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Hi Oz,
i searched in Lightburn 0.9.11 but did not find the dialog “Camera Selection Help” mentioned above.
Can you give me a hint where to find it?


Version next which we are currently testing internally. :slight_smile:

haha I was searching if I missed something myself as well!

ok, that new tool will be really helpfull!
My camera mounting heigth is limited by the ceiling and is 1400mm above the machine bed.
But the bed is X=2000 and Y=3000
Please have a look here - i have described my setup and my issues: Camera Image cropped after automatic rotation

The measurement that I get is 30.75 to 31.00 inches (781.05mm to 787.4mm) depending on the angle.
I hope you can guide me in the right direction. I do want a 8mp and you only list 2, 110 degree and 95 degree

For this I would suggest the 8mp-4KN (narrow aspect) camera, 75 degree. We don’t have them publicly listed on the site just because more cameras means more confusion over selection, but it would fit your machine best. Here’s a link to it:

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Thanks Oz, you camr thru for me again…

What is the resolution of the 8MP-4KN cameras? In the description they state that they are “the same physical size as the 5MP, with a higher resolution sensor, but comparable image quality, and with a 4:3 aspect ratio.” Does that mean they are comparable image quality to the 5MP cameras? I would think that they should be closer in resolution to 8MP cameras with a resolution of somewhere around 3840 x 2880. I’m trying to figure out the best lens for my laser as well (700 x 500 Black and Red, where I adjusted my lid to not open fully, so I would be mounting it between 24 - 28 inches above the material. Would you recommend the 8MP-4KN / 75 degree or the standard 8MP / 90 degree? Is there any difference in the quality of the lenses or focusing between the 8MP standard and narrow cameras or is the only difference in the aspect ratio of the image sensor?

They’re called 8mp for a reason - They’re an 8mp camera. :slight_smile: Image quality in this case means the clarity of the image from the sensor, noise level, etc.

The 8mp-W cameras use large optics and a larger sensor, so the image is cleaner. The 8mp-N cameras are still 8 megapixel, but they’re 4:3 aspect instead of 16:9, and have a smaller sensor so there’s a bit more noise, but they’re still better than the 5mp cameras.

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