Camera Image cropped after automatic rotation

Hi there i have a huge laser cutter X=2000, Y=3000.
Running Win10, Ruida RDC6442, 5MP USB camera (

First Problem is that the camera image is pretty blurry! It does not have full 5MP, but seems to use the (default) 1200x900. I have read about that issues here and will purchase a HD ip camera and use
Hope that solves it.

Bigger problem is that it seems due to my “strange” smaller X than Y axis the image is cropped and bottom and top parts are missing.
Here you see the area that is really covered by the camera (green), the area that the camera does not cover (red) and the image that lightburn has cropped - that is almost squared:

The 5MP USB Camera is 1400 above table and should cover the whole area as chinese description says it covers 170 degrees. Here you can see the angles that i calculated in my CAD:

How can avoid the additional cropping?
I could live with the red uncovered area, but not with the missing bottom…
Thanks in advance!


Welcome @Jens

One of the things I have observed in the forum from other users in your situation that the Amazon camera has focusing problems and it is best that you invest in a Lightburn camera :camera_flash:

I think this is your solution

I am waiting to order mine when it’s back in stock.



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Purchasing the Lightburn HD camera is right now not that easy. It is sold out and international shipping is either expensive or unreliable. I am just figuring out which options available are.

Due to my uncommon working bed size i should use a camera image that is tilted 90 degrees. Otherwise i would have to align the camera’s vertical axis to my 3000 mm Y-axis. This will lead into a huge loss of image quality.

There is an ancient looking windows 10 dialog that allows camera adjustments and even a tilt angle, but i did not find out how to set that for Lightburn.

Can anybody help?

I’ll have to look to see what happens in the code when the aspect of the laser is so different from the image capture. It’s possible that some of the processing steps assume that the layout of camera image and laser will be similar.

Hi Oz,
did you find the time to dive into the code?

8 MP cameras are back in stock and i wonder if the fish eye is able to see my whole table if i have to mount it 90 degree tilted if this can not be tilted by software?
Would you you please confirm after havin a look at my abouve sketch?

Thank you very much - i would love to go for your 8MP camera!!

All the best,

Hi Oz,
i received my Lightburn camera (8MP - 110 degree) and have installed it.
First i tried installing it tilted 90 degree with this result:

then i rotated it and it can see the whole machine bed this way:

but the result is still cropped:

I.m.h.o. the camer image has to be tilted before lightburn receives it, to match the aspect ratio of my laser cutter.
There is a settings dialog in windows to set this, but this dialog can only be activated by a programm, as it is burried in a dll.

2020-06-04 15_34_43-Recording Webcam in ActivePresenter 7 - Atomi Systems, Inc.

I found some hints in the web - maybe there is a tipp that helps you using this dialog for lightburn?

Any help appreciated!


Hi there,
did anyone have a look into the code?
I still could not solve my issues and would really love to use the whole camera image of the machine bed.

Thank you!

It’s going to take some time - I have logged this as a bug in our system, but I don’t have a machine with anything close to your setup, so I will likely have to create some kind of test rig to work through this.

to simulate my setup you just need to change the basic Lightburn setup of your hardware. Reduce your max. X to 2/3 of your max. Y and mount the camera 90 degree tilted - so that 0,0 is in the left top corner of your image.

The problem is that for me this actually works. I need to mount a camera so it can’t physically see the whole bed area when rotated, and this might mean creating a custom mount.

Hi Oz,
i am still trying to use the camer on the whole machine bed.

Did you try to find a way to activate the Windows camera settings dialog from Lightburn?
Then i could tilt the camera image in a way that Lightburn can use the whole image without cropping.

Thank you!

My problem is solved!
Oz has added the option to rotation the camera 90 degrees in the settings of lightburn with beta 0.9.15.
Works like a charm and i can use the camera for my whole machine bed now.

Thanks a lot for that perfect support!


Awesome - happy to hear that worked.

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