Best Camera Degree

Hello There , I Have bed ( 1600 mm × 1000 mm )
what’s best camera degree for me ??
and what’s distance camera above the bed ??

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The answer to these questions can be found by doing a little more work on your end as discussed here:


You will need to do the measurements and math for your setup to determine the best fit for your setup. You can also use the search function on the top right of this forum to find a bunch of post about camera use and setups for many different systems.

How are these numbers from the Lightburn camera site derived? Are these a factor of the angle of view? I have a 170 degree camera and I am having difficulty finding the ideal mounting distance.

2.7 for the 160 degree lens
1.8 for the 140 degree lens
1.5 for the 120 degree lens
1.4 for the 90 or 80 degree lens
0.825 for the 60 degree lens
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actually I have same bed (1600mm × 1000m) and i have wide angle lens camera ( it’s probably 170 degree )… and same problem i don’t get perfect result and i don’t know ideal mounting distance

this is my camera :

They were physically measured - I placed a ruler on the ground, aimed the camera at it, adjusted the height until I could see the exact length of the ruler, then measured the camera height. The ideal mounting distance is one from which you can see the entire bed in view, but not a lot more.

A 170 degree camera is incredibly low resolution at the edges of the image because of the lens distortion. We don’t recommend using anything more than a 160.

After many hours of trial and error, I have come to the same conclusion. While the 170deg camera I have works very well for other applications, it is not the right tool for this job.

I am going to replace it with a lightburn camera. Which lens do you recommend for the 700x500 laser mounting on the inside of the lid?

I recommend measuring, because “700x500 laser” isn’t specific enough to know the exact dimensions from the bed at your laser’s focus point to the inside of the open lid, and if your machine has a different lid stop position than mine, or you have a shorter focal length lens, you could end up with the wrong camera.

If your machine is a 700x500 I even did all the math for you already on the post Rick linked to above (What is the best camera lens to choose for my bed size?).