Choosing the right camera for my machine

I am sorry you feel as if we have not provided you with answers. I did a quick search to find that we have been engaging you here and have tried to provide you with responses to your inquires. First link returned this response we provided just 19 hrs ago:

and this as well, which clearly states: “A 170 degree camera is incredibly low resolution at the edges of the image because of the lens distortion. We don’t recommend using anything more than a 160.

I also see several members have also chimed in with valuable information that addresses your questions. So I am confused,…

Let us try again because we do want you to have a satisfactory experience when using LightBurn or interacting with us directly.

Here is the information we provide to determine the best camera solutions for a given environment.

Use this to determine the best lens choice based on your mounting location.

And this might help in visualizing these choices.

Once you have chosen a workable camera and lens choice, use this detailed video to setup and calibrate camera use within LightBurn.