Choosing the right camera for my machine

**hello there , **

first of all , light burn is very fantastic and very easy , I wish you good luck

in simple i have ruida control with bed dimension ( 1600 mm × 1000mm )
and i really need to add camera wizard from light burn
so i tried a lot days with this camera ( )
i don’t get perfect result specially in edges of the bed

simplly again i need solve , i don’t need to lost a lot of money and time when i test a lot of cameras

i need specific camera with specific degree and specific ideal mounting distance

Here is the information you need:

I don’t think that camera is going to provide a satisfactory experience given that it is only 2.1 megapixels. I have the Lightburn camera that is 5 megapixels and that is probably the minimum resolution you would want in order to be able to see fine details such as during the calibration process. Additionally, unless something has changed in .9.00.1, LB software defaults to the camera’s default resolution which is probably lower than the full 2.1 resolution on that camera.

My point was that all the math for distances and lenses and that stuff is there. Apart from that, just get the best camera you are OK paying for.

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I am sorry you feel as if we have not provided you with answers. I did a quick search to find that we have been engaging you here and have tried to provide you with responses to your inquires. First link returned this response we provided just 19 hrs ago:

and this as well, which clearly states: “A 170 degree camera is incredibly low resolution at the edges of the image because of the lens distortion. We don’t recommend using anything more than a 160.

I also see several members have also chimed in with valuable information that addresses your questions. So I am confused,…

Let us try again because we do want you to have a satisfactory experience when using LightBurn or interacting with us directly.

Here is the information we provide to determine the best camera solutions for a given environment.

Use this to determine the best lens choice based on your mounting location.

And this might help in visualizing these choices.

Once you have chosen a workable camera and lens choice, use this detailed video to setup and calibrate camera use within LightBurn.

They want someone to do the math for them.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve been asked “what camera do you recommend for X?” I don’t, and never have - I recommend measuring. :slight_smile: I’ll check the math for you though.

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It would be a full time job on its own.

I’d be happy to offer it as a service to people, as long as it paid my full time hourly rate. I’ve also suggested a “camera smorgasbord” with all 5 lens sizes, but honestly, if the person can’t do the math up front, they might not have a good experience once they receive said camera with 5 lenses.

as I said before i have ‘X’ 1600 mm

and narrow lens is better ( i choose 90 degree camera ) because i will mounted camera 115 cm above bed

that all thing ?? , any math else ??

1600 / 1.4 is 1142.8. If you mount the camera 115cm above the bed you will probably miss a small amount of the sides, but it will be very close. If you have more room to go up above 115 cm it will be fine. If you don’t, I would recommend the 120 degree because it will give you a little more room for error.

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if i mount the camera 125 cm above the bed , it will be fine ?

i don’t want to use the 120 degree because there is more distortion to correct, and therefore the accuracy will be worst , Right ?

If you mount 125 cm above it should be fine, yes. The 120 will have a little more distortion to correct, but it’s not that bad. When you get to 140 and 160 you sacrifice more detail at the edges.

why in lightburn store is not available now ??

90 degree lens is a same fish eye lens ?? because i don’t know difference

Because they’re out of stock, but the next order is supposed to be arriving today. All the LightBurn camera lenses are technically fisheye lenses (meaning they distort the image) though the 90 and 60 degree lenses are low enough distortion that it doesn’t really matter.

Can I ask, is there a reason you type everything in bold? It makes it seem like you are yelling.

i am not yelling , I actually apologize if I have made a mistake

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another question please , can i order all available lenses with light burn camera ??

I don’t have lenses without cameras at this point, sorry. The supplier has said they can do limited quantities of those for damage replacements, so at some point I will stock a few of them.

And no problem about the bold text. It just came across similar to using all caps - it is normally reserved for emphasis of something, so using it for an entire post comes across as strange - that might just be me who takes it that way though. :slight_smile:

in this topic : ( )

80 degree is same with 90 degree in math calculation
and and narrow lens is better
i will mount 125 cm above bed

is better to me choose 80 degree ??

Might be cool to find a camera lense similar to this vari zoom lense that would take the place of a single fixed lense