Best camera position and lighting

Is there any benefit to try and mount the camera directly over the center of the bed as possible as opposed toward the front of the bed? Better focus over the entire bed?

Would the image be improved by adding some strip LEDs to the door to increase the light intensity and uniformity on the bed and material?

The best possible camera position is over the center of the bed, looking vertically downward - this position requires the least amount of image correction. Moving away from this position is ok, as the software is designed to correct for it, but as you move further from that, more correction is required, and at some point you begin to lose accuracy. Where that point is will depend on the lens distortion and the bed size, as both of these affect how dense the captured image is across the bed.

For lighting, just be careful not to go too bright. The exposure correction has limits, beyond which you might need to add an ND filter to the lens to block out some light. These can be purchased relatively cheaply.

You can put cardboard on the laser bed to help ‘even out’ the lighting, so your wood or object to engrave isn’t surrounded by the dark honeycomb area. Creating a more consistent brightness over the view of the camera will help the exposure control.

The camera position over the center of the bed makes perfect sense. Less correction.

The light intensity can be controlled by the number of LEDs or an inexpensive LED dimmer ( $5 Ebay).


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