How to select Camera Field of view

Hello. I remember seeing an article about selecting cameras for use with Lightburn. I cannot find it now for the life of me.
What is the calculation that I need to use for deciding which camera FOV to select on checkout?

I am setting up a 1500mm x 1000mm work surface. The camera will be in a fixed position above the work surface and not on a movable cover.

I swear I saw the calculation before somewhere on the official light burn website.

Use the program, click menu bar, Help, Camera Selection Help for a convenient calculator in which you can enter bed size and be amazed at the results.

Using the search: Search results for 'best camera' - LightBurn Software Forum

Returns some of the materials we have produced over time and posted here.

We have learned along the way, and now have a built-in helper tool in LightBurn to assist as @fred_dot_u identifies.

Thanks. I did use search but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

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