Quick Tip - Best place to mount a USB camera to use with Lightburn?

We get asked this a lot. Straight down, in a stable location above the bed, with the whole bed in view, with a little extra room to allow for pixel loss when correcting distortion is “best”. If your lid opens to a set and consistent location, mounting with the lid open works well for clearance and reduces the requirement for extreme fisheye.

With a well focused and calibrated camera, it is possible to correct an awful lot, but extreme angles or extreme fisheye will test the limits of it.

Mounting example:


Are there any downloadable plans available for making a proven good mount out of layers of acrylic for a 700x500 red and black similar to the one shown in the picture for one of the LightBurn cameras? I do not have a 3D printer.

Does the one shown in the picture have an adjustable swivel to get it parallel to the bed or just shims?