Best CO2 laser to buy to enable all of Lightburn's features

I’m in the market (post-COVID-19) for a CO2 laser to cut and engrave wood and use all the features available in Lightburn.

I’ve been using an ORTUR 15-watt diode laser for the past 4 months and I’m ready to upgrade.

My budget is flexible but ideally, I have 2 to 3K

My wish list is to have a Ruida RDC6445 controller, powered lift table, and camera. I’m guessing I will need to fit these myself. Materials I’d be cutting and engraving would be no larger than 50 x 50 cm and a maximum of 10mm thick.

The only limitation is to pass through an 85cm wide doorway.

I have already purchased a Ruiwan D1101 extraction unit for the ORTUR so would be useful if this could be connected to the outlet of a new CO2 laser.

Any info would be much appreciated.

…the 60 Watt ?


Could anyone help? Would a RECI W6 130W laser tube be a good choice for engraving on wood and acrylic and cutting wood and acrylic?

130 Watt is a powerful weapon, I think you would like the large work surface and therefore look for such a powerful laser. Usually it is a semi-professional machine with a certain production volume. 130 Watt - it’s just before it burns through steel :wink: and 20mm acrylic, playwood and this kind of thing is absolutely no problem, but super fine and sharp images or other filigree little things I would not expect from this laser, it is too much energy, already at the very bottom of the scale.


Thank you for confirming my suspicions regarding fine engraving from this 130watt laser.

I would like to cut wood and acrylic at a thickness of 10 to 15mm but also need to have quality engraving on small objects such as wood keyrings.

Do you know if a possible solution would be to change/swap over the laser head from a cutting to a engraving head? I recall seeing a Youtube video.

Also, maybe having a dual head laser with a lower power laser of say 40 watts? Could this be a good way forward?

… it depends on how much you produce. I mean, for hobby use it is definitely overkill to buy a dual laser head machine. An entirely different thing is that you “lose” the learning experience if you jump directly into an industrial machine. If you do not produce professional for money, I would like to buy an 60-100 Watt Laser that fits through the door and a cheap 40 Watt CO2 or a real 3.5 - 7 Watt diode laser for graphics stuff and for paper, cardboard and textiles. It’s also the best financial solution - I think.
Remember, it is only my personal opinion how I would like to organize my hobby workshop. (I have a 3.5Watt diodelaser 300x400 and a 40Watt CO2 230x320 now and am about to buy an 80Watt Laser Machine ca.400x700)

Looking at this from a business startup commercial proposition. But I’d like to buy something that can multi-task and allow me to expand products without having to worry if the laser can do the job.

that makes sense, with those plans you have to look in a more professional direction and a K40 is probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer in this context. Exciting what you find out for your plans.

Do you think a W2 90-100w laser give clearer results engraving on wood then the W6 130w?

I don’t think so, but I’ve only read that people “complain” that they can’t turn down enough power when engraving fine art.

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