Beginner's need help with Laser to Buy

Hello together!

I am new here and need your help please :innocent:

I would like to buy my first CO2 Laser and can’t choose between a 50W and a 60W.

Here the 60W for Example:

and here the 50W:

I would actually prefer the 60W because of the larger work surface, since it also has a network connection and the stronger tube!
On the other hand, the 60W only has a manual and no electrically adjustable bed, but the 50W does.

I would not care about the manually adjustable bed, but I saw earlier that an Ebay link to the 60W shows an Airassist hose on the nozzle, but I couldn’t find an air pump in the accessories.
Of course I can also buy the pump, which would not be a problem, but I could not find an air connection or a switch for the Air Assist on the side of the 60W like the 50W laser has.

can someone tell me whether the 60W has airassist or not and how it works there without air connection and switch.

Relationship whites do you generally have any advice or tip for which I should now choose?
The larger work surface, the stronger tube and the network connection would honestly be more than just appealing to me. It’s only stupid without Air Assist.

I hope everyone can understand my Bad English, because i am a German Userwith terrible English Skills…

Kind Regards

Hi Mark,
I think it is an advert error, the nozzle in the 60W machine has air connection. Ask the supplier and you will get a first impression of him at the same time. Also ask if it is true that the transport costs 1000 euros, from CZ to D, it looks very wrong in my eyes.

And, always go for the greatest you can get. (but make sure you have a door big enough) :wink:


Hi Bernd,

the Reseller wrote me for 1 minute, that a Air Assist is included, but i cant find a Switch and a Connection (on the back) of the machine…

The shipping cost from CZ to AT is also with 1000€ entered in ebay, because all Sellers on Ebay supposedly have no shipping companies that send over 31.5kg to Austria,
Delivery to Germany is free of charge via DHL and DHL also travels to Austria.
So I will probably have the laser sent to Germany first and then connect it to me in Austria

what do you think about the Air Assist on the nozzle?
is this just a preparation?

In the 60 Watt machine ad, the tube indicated is 1000 mm.
It is 200 mm too short to be a 60 Watt laser tube, (1200 mm x ø55 = 60 Watt). That’s probably a 50 Watt laser.
But again, ask the supplier and have it “confirmed on paper”.
Another thing I noticed in the description is that you have to count on customs duty and tax, strange that within the EU there is no extra tax on goods.

The nozzle - is pretty standard and ok.

In any case, you will spend extra money on accessories, most important to me, a water cooler and a quiet extractor, maybe with a homemade filter box.

hmm did you mean this is a “fake” 60W?
the reseller writes only slowly back …

with cooling and other things i know… and i also know that i have to spend some extra money in it.
I just don’t want to buy any crap and at least have a solid source device

I just saw on ebay that the replacement tubes for 60w are also 1000mm long ?!

According to my experience and the lists found on the internet, this is a 50 Watt tube. Most suppliers are incorrect and misleading with their statements regarding the effect of their co2 laser. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be a problem, just be aware of this fact from the start and not ruin the tube by running it in too high in mA, then you get a fine real 50 Watt machine.

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Hi Mark,
Would you please keep me informed about your choice and especially your experience with your supplier?
I am considering whether to buy my 3rd laser(80W) and I also keep an eye on the suppliers from CZ and P, but I do not know if I have enough confidence in that supplier. No home page and no real physical contact make me feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, I bought my K40 from Germany, an address in Bucholz, but all communication went through China as well … My CO2 laser tube was broken at delivery but after a bit of writing, I got a new one sent, quickly.

good evening

yes, of course I like doing very much. do not expect too much, I am totally new to the laser world and have 0 experience and as you already know no laser!
But I am currently clarifying with a seller on Amazon which controller is really installed.
Because the picture shows a Ruida controller, according to customer reviews this machine has also been delivered with a TopWisdown (that’s what I think it’s called).
So obviously always different.

Can you tell me or someone else what the difference between Ruida and Topwisdown controllers are, and whether these Topwisdown also have an Ethernet connection or whether they work with Lightburn at all?

All the people I know rave about Lightburn which is why I want to use it from the start … when I have my laser

I hope everybody can understand me, because i am a German User with terrible English Skills…
and should I ever write nonsense, please forgive me, I use partial white google translate

Hi Mark,
You don’t have to excuse your language skills, many use Google translate and it works just fine. (also for me :wink: )
TopWisdom - if I understand it correctly, there is hard work on development to implement this controller in LB, and there are people here who run TopWisdom with LB. However, I stick to RuiDa when I have to buy my next laser machine. I think they are more “standard”. The newer RuiDa controller also has network connectivity options. (I’m not an expert!)
But as you say, LightBurn is a must. I have worked with T2L, Mach3 and other programs for designing and controlling my lasers, LighBurn is the best! LB gets better and better every month and the forum here is very friendly and professional. I have not experienced a single rejection of a question, though a few times queries are a bit rude in my term. Just because you paid a modest amount for a great program, you do not have the requirement that LB people set up your machine. Sometimes people do not even search the documentation for a solution.
I hope you find as much pleasure in the learning process as I do. You will definitely get the help you need here in the forum and can share your experiences yourself.
By the way, I like the 60W machine you have looked at, I would like it with an 80w tube.

I agree the 80w is a nice size. Ruida controller is also preferable.
Does it come with any accessories. Like water cooler, air pump, …what kind of bed?

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


@xenon2008 Something to keep in mind, independent of the quality, accessories, power, etc. and physical size of the machine.

Make sure you have room. :slight_smile: They are MUCH bigger than the working size/area might make you think. Especially if you are going through a door.

You are absolutely right. I almost fell into the trap not so long ago. I have a 90 degree angle from my basement stairs into the workshop. But clever as my mother’s son is, I made a template first and tried - and interrupted the deal. There was no chance the beast would not go down into the basement. You should have bought a bigger house :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Skærmbillede 2020-04-21 kl. 06.32.09

that means: hello Bernd, you don’t have to buy a new house - congratulations

And my wife will also very easily accept the small expense of a new laser!


Bigger house happier wife…IF you supply a maid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so i could also buy a machine with TopWisdom and it would work with LIghtburn?

I have taken it very strictly and it is really very tight in the office … also really tight, the desk has to be shortened but also a few cm. and it probably only fits through the door if I hang outthe door but that’s not a problem!

It would be nice if someone here in the forum with a TopWisdom wants to come up with a qualified answer, I have only read my statement here in the forum and try to help you as best I can.

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Hi. I am running a 80w red& black Chinese laser with a TopWisdom controller. I never tried the software that came with the machine and jumped right into using lightburn.
LB found my machine right away and so far I havn’t had a problem.
I am aware that some LB functionally for TopWisdom is still in the works. But being new to all things laser it works great.

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fine that you write it, I’d rather not give our new friend a wrong advice

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