Big issues with fill artifacts

Hi all,

I’ve been having an issue that I can’t figure out since I upgraded my K40 40W to C3D & LB. Whenever I fill a larger area, odd artifacts like lines appear for reasons I don’t understand. I have tried a pretty good list of troubleshooting including: Raising and lowering the speed, raising and lowering the power, making sure the grain is parallel to the raster path, raising and lowering lines/inch, enabled smoothie clustering (My board has the correct firmware), and even trying different materials. Tried 2.5mm birch ply, 3mm birch ply, and 6mm walnut ply. All have the same issue. Lines that don’t match up with any grain are very visible and don’t look natural enough to pass as decent. Is there anything else to try in the LB settings?

Before the upgrade on stock M2 Nano:

After Upgrade on 2.5 mm birch with various settings tweaked:

After Upgrade on 6mm Walnut ply:

I appreciate any wizardry you guys can point me to. I’m relatively new to this game so if I missed something obvious that would be why.


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