Boss Controller

I’m looking at a Boss laser. Is their controllers capatable with LightBurn? Looks like a Ruida controller in the picture but different color. This would be a deal breaker. Not giving you my LightBurn

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Boss is a supported laser, as they do use Ruida controllers. In the DSP install screens, you have a choice of choosing various models of Boss lasers.

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As it turns out, Boss used Ruida in some models and the AWC in others (most recently it seems to be the larger ones with the open bed). Not a huge concern as LightBurn supports both, but worth noting.


Their LS series uses “LaserWorks” which is RDWorks, and the controller is a rebranded Ruida 6442, and is well supported by LightBurn. The HP series for metal cutting uses LaserCAD, and is an AWC 708 controller, also supported by LightBurn.